{Reliable} #5 Cheap Shared Hosting Provider – “Free SSL Certificate”

Are you in a hurry….? Want to jump straight on my top-pick? So the best and reliable shared hosting provider is DomainRacer. It is the most popular choice for a most blog or website owners.

best reliable shared hosting providers india

Shared Hosting is definitely the cheapest option. If you want to start your new site from starch. It provides benefits like 

  • Affordable shared hosting plans
  • User-friendly dashboard and setup process
  • High server configuration not needed
  • Simply storage and computing resources

There are lots of cheap shared web hosting providers in the marketplace. But finding the ideal match that fulfills your business needs. It is not an easy task. In shared hosting, you need to share the space with other sites. It means your business might be affected if another website experiences a security breach. To avoid this risk you should go with a web host. That provides unlimited hosting plans with a free SSL certificate.

I have used a number of affordable and low-cost shared hosting services. But some of them provide up to the mark quality services at fair prices. So I have explained to you a few web hosting plans cheapest provider in this article.

Reliable Shared Web Hosting Providers 2021{Top 5 Plan}

Web Host: Starts at: Recommended for: Visit:
DomainRacer $0.79/mo Trusted and Leading Brand Provides Qualitative Shared Hosting Plans View PlansDomainRacer web hosting
SiteGround $4.99/mo Secured Hosting but High Hosting Prices View Plans
InMotion Hosting $2.49/mo Best shared web Host for Small Business View Plans
A2Hosting $2.99/mo Reliable Shared Hosting Services only for Beginners View Plans
BlueHost $2.35/mo Largest Web Hosting Solution with Limited Resources View Plans

If you want customers to trust you, you need all that can make your website secure and reliable. Although there are a lot of things you can do to secure your website. Using HTTPs is one of the most important. It’s like a foundation for web security.

But SSL certificate also plays a very important role in website security.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Before moving forward you must know what is SSL?

SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer.

In easy words, it’s how small businesses communicate with clients that they browse, purchase their goods or services, and share information securely with you online. So adding an SSL certificate creates a secure connection for those activities.


Benefits of having an SSL certificate for a website:

  1. Increasing site security.
  2. Safety for all your subdomains.
  3. Credibility and trust for your clients.
  4. SEO improvement in rankings that your site will get high traffic.

Do you know which are the best free SSL shared web hosting Companies?

Yes, there are DomainRacer and SiteGround are two companies that provide free SSL certificates and Litespeed web hosting for faster page load speed.

Keep reading, 

If you think that your site deserves the best of the best web hosting. Then have a look at #5 cost-effective and best shared hosting companies. And choose which one is right for your business widening.

Don’t worry about the data center’s geographical location. These web hosts provide tier services globally. In countries like India, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and etc.

1. DomainRacer: Trusted and Leading Shared Hosting Brand

DomainRacer is India’s No.1 best and qualitative affordable and cheap web hosting provider. DomainRacer is providing SSD storage with LiteSpeed technology.

affordable shared hosting plans with free ssl

They offer cost-effective services at an affordable price. DomainRacer always tries to get new technology to its customers. They make service easy.

Another highlighted feature of DomainRacer is all-time availability for their customers. And the instant solution for any issue whenever arises. It is the best example of an SSD-based shared hosting solution. 

DomainRacer maintains tight security for your website. By utilizing the combination of high-tech multi-coated security tools with by default SSL Certificate

DomainRacer Page Loading Time:-

best shared web hosting buyer rating

What makes DomainRacer Best?

  • Unlimited SSD Storage with free Let’s Encrypt Certificate
  • 21x faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and 24/7 Customer Support
  • Daily JET Backup with Free website builder
  • Phenomenal SEO Tool
  • IV Tier Multi Located Data Centers

DomainRacer Uptime Test –

web hosting server uptime performance

What people think about DomainRacer:

best shared web hosting services india

2. SiteGround: Secured Hosting But High Hosting Prices

SiteGround is an expert in all types of affordable cheap web hosting services in the UK, as the company provides the best plan to the customer.

unlimited shared hosting plans

SiteGround is a leader in customer services within the best web hosting industry. They are a commitment to quality with a unique and custom solution. They offer the best unlimited shared web hosting services for small businesses.

SiteGround Page Loading time:-

shared web hosting page performance

What makes SiteGround best?

  • Cloudflare for improved security & Performance
  • SSD Storage & Free SSL certificate
  • Free Setup & Transfer services
  • Automatic Backup and choice of server location
  • 24/7 excellent customer support

SiteGround Uptime Test:

top server hosting uptime report india

What people think about SiteGround:

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3. InMotion: Best Shared Web Host for Small Business

InMotion is a self-owned USA-based most authoritative best web hosting company. They offer web design and development services for the users.

low cost shared hosting services

It is the best choice for developing and growing a business. They always invest in new technologies. InMotion hosting is best in providing unlimited cheap shared hosting for WordPress website.

InMotion Hosting Page Loading Time:-

inmotion hosting web hoting page performance

What makes InMotion Best?

  • SSD hosting with SSH and e-commerce hosting
  • Unlimited Email and zero downtime website transfer
  • Free data backups and choice of datacenter
  • Language support, including PHP, Ruby, and Perl

InMotion Hosting Uptime Test:

affordable best ssl shared hosting india

What people think about InMotion hosting:

best inmotion hosting shared reviews

4. A2Hosting: Reliable Shared Hosting for Beginners

A2 Hosting provides Linux or Windows-based reliable best shared hosting for WordPress. They offer impressive performance and security.

best shared hosting for small business

They have a super-fast server available which gives you 20x faster speeds. A2Hosting provides windows shared hosting with all included software as well as Linux shared web hosting services.

A2Hosting Page Loading Time:-

high page load performance a2 hosting

What makes A2Hosting Best?

  • Server for up to 20x faster page loads
  • 99% uptime guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free solid-state drives and free website migration
  • 24/7 technical and customer support

A2Hosting Uptime Test:

best a2 hosting uptime test performance

What people think about A2Hosting:

best a2 hosting shared hosting reviews

5. BlueHost: Largest Web Hosting Solution with Limited Resources

BlueHost is the top most popular choice of faithfully shared web hosting company in the world. They provide the best hardware configuration, reliability, and support to their customers.

cheap shared hosting solutions for beginners

They offer excellent speed and performance results. They are upgrading their infrastructure and support. They provide low-cost web hosting services with cPanel.

BlueHost Page Loading Time:-

best shared web hosting speed load

What makes BlueHost Best?

  • Free 1-click app installation
  • Free Weebly  Drag & Drop Site builder and templates
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Excellent WordPress integration and management
  • 24/7 Customer Support with 99.9 uptime service

BlueHost Uptime Test:

uptime performance web hosting server

What people think about BlueHost:

best shared web hosting india services

The above are some top web hosting providers. Some of them give a free SSL certificate with their hosting package.

#1 Trusted SSL Shared Hosting

The best-shared hosting means the most number of people and the least occurrence of traffic. This happens because of one server used by many people at one time. As a result, much of the marketing and information about SSL certificates are targeted to the segment of the hosting users and traffic. Free Let’s Encrypt certificates are provided by almost all web hosting companies.

SSL certificates are also available for other hosting services like VPS, reseller, cloud, and dedicated accounts. It’s generally assumed those site arrangements themselves, opt for a more costly certification, or need to manage multiple certificates.

Cheap shared web hosting clients, whose website is on the same server and have a variety of certificates to take from. Unlimited shared hosting SSL certificates validate a specific server and IP address or can be used by multiple sites. DomainRacer web hosting provider provides the SSL certificate free.

speedy and secured shared hosting platforms

The more pricey end of the SSL certificates connects and validates your business name and domain name. To ensure you are the site administrator. Sites with let’s encrypt SSL certificates have gone within a very stricter verification process. This is results in the most accurate manner in web browsers and customers’ thoughts.

While this article provided useful information, it’s up to you go out and compare the features that fit within your website needs. The above information is useful to you and this is a starting point for your own research.

FAQ: Free SSL Based Fastest and Cheapest Shared Hosting Platforms

1.What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the most popular type of web hosting. Here a single physical web server has the ability to host multiple sites. It is the most effective way of hosting. Because maintaining a server is split among all the users. That reduces the cost of hosting. 

The users of shared hosting services have access to some specific features. Like databases, traffic, storage space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and other additional features. It is the best choice to start up a new blog, website, or small business.

2. How to find the best and reliable shared hosting provider for my business site?

Each and every hosting provider may differ in terms of their offering. We have tested the best web host. And find out the most essential features that make shared hosting best and reliable:

  • Uptime: If you want your website to flourish all the time over the world. Then you need a hosting service with a high uptime percentage. 
  • Best Returns on Investments: Choose the hosting provider that offers affordable services. Without compromising the quality. DomainRacer is an ideal example for it
  • Excellent Support: Make sure you will get satisfactory solutions for your issues
  • Security:  Protection of websites from cyber-attacks is crucial. So we have looked for providers that offer great security
  • Add-ons Feature: Also need some valuable features like website builders, email addresses, and one-click app installers.

These are the simple criteria for choosing the perfect hosting partner. You should keep all the above factors in your mind during the selection process.

3. What are the cheapest Shared Hosting companies in 2021?

By considering not only features but also price, performance, and ease of use. We have compiled and recommend the below low cost and secure web host for shared hosting:

  • DomainRacer: Budget-Friendly 21X Faster Hosting
  • SiteGround:  Best for Customer Supports but too costly
  • A2 Hosting: Best Web Hosting for Beginners with average services
  • InMotion Hosting: Best for scaling Small Business with Limited Resources

4. What are the pros and cons of shared hosting?

Although shared web hosting is 99% the best choice for most people. It has some advantages and disadvantages. So lets it discuss here:


Low Cost: Simply the shared hosting is sharing a host server with another user. And if the server is shared, then you can easily make a profit. In this technologically growing industry, you can get hosting at a minimal rate with all the needed features. Only with shared hosting

Easy to Use: A shared hosting environment provides an easily manageable user interface. And a user-friendly dashboard with a few-click installation process. If you are unaware to maintain and manage the server. Then go for it.

Host Multiple Domains: Here you have the freedom to install numerous websites in your user directory. Just take care of one thing that, the domains you purchase are connected to it.

Flexibility: Newbies can begin with a shared plan and upgrade it anytime without hassle as their site grows.


Because of a shared server, sometimes you may face the problems:

  • Performance issues due to resources are not evenly distributed.
  • Due to many sites hosted on a single server. It is easy for hackers to hack your site. 
  • Loading issues occur as a server with more number of websites. Not able to handle the increased amount of traffic.

5. Is shared hosting recommended?

Shared hosting is the optimal platform for anyone, who has a tight budget. But expecting the best value for money.  If your website does not require more robust resources. Then I recommend that you should prefer it. You will get no. of options like DomainRacer. That provides the most reliable and secure hosting with 99.99% uptime assurance.

But if you are dreaming of big and advanced business. For that, you need more scalable features. At that time VPS or dedicated hosting will be a great alternative to shared hosting 

6. Is shared hosting a good choice for beginners?

Definitely Yes! It is the best option to kick-start your online journey. Check out some points for the beginner-friendly nature of shared hosting

  • Beneficial for newcomers who have little experience with web hosting
  • No need to have knowledge of extensive web programming
  • Keep the cost down for small businesses or startup

So the shared hosting plans are the first choice for beginners. The small primary investment and lack of maintenance requirements. Make this type of hosting a fantastic option.

Conclusion: Best Shared Web Hosting Provider in 2021

Now it’s easy for you to find the most reliable cheap web hosting in India for your business. I would like to share it so others can learn from my experience and implement LiteSpeed on their web servers to increase their websites’ speed, performance and security.

You can discover the more helpful web hosting with Litespeed technology here. LiteSpeed has many advantages and is known to be the fastest web server in the world at this time.

So, thank you for reading the best 5 low-cost shared web hosting provider articles. It is better to start for you by choosing the top shared hosting provider for your website.

Best Luck..!